2021 Viking Cheerleading Information

See what the Viking Cheer program has in store for 2021.

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Wallingford Vikings Cheerleading welcomes all youth ages 5 – 14 (age as of 7/31/21)

The standard practice schedule begins with conditioning starting late July 2021. Cheer will practice Monday – Thursday (time and location TBD) through the end of August.  Once School is in session practices will move indoors and will be held an average of three days a week with additional practices taking place as required. Specific practice days and location TBD.

Football games will be played each Sunday thru playoffs in early November. Cheerleaders are expected to attend each game rain or shine. All Viking home games will be played at either Sheehan or Lyman Hall High Schools. Viking teams will play the holiday weekends of Labor Day and Columbus Day and travel to away games may be required.


Attendance at all pre-season practices is crucial to the learning process for each cheerleader and their team. Practices will focus on safety and technique for stunting and learning the season’s cheers and dances. As per the WYFC Attendance Policy, athletes must attend 75% of the total pre-season practices beginning late July 2021 in order to gain maximum benefit of the learning process. Stunting spots will be determined in August, therefore each cheerleader must be in attendance to learn that position.

Any pre-scheduled vacations scheduled to take place between end of July through end of August 2021 must be communicated to your child’s cheer coach prior to the start of season practices.

Many Hands Make Light Work

All WYFC board members and coaches volunteer their time to ensure a safe, positive and engaging athletic experience for your children. In accordance with the League Volunteer policy ALL Cheer parents (or age appropriate representatives) must volunteer a portion of their time in assisting at league events and various duties during the season and exhibit a positive team spirit and energy. Also parents must ensure that each cheerleader is on time and prepared for all practices / games. Additionally all parents are also expected to assist with additional fundraising efforts and volunteer at the Local & State competitions.

Registration Information

March 1 – June 30, 2021





NOTE: Sibling discounts will apply for families registering multiple children.


Registration Information

Registered Cheerleaders will receive a Game Day Cheer vest, bodyliner and skirt, and a cheer bow for Sunday’s.

All cheerleaders will be required to purchase Cheer Gear for practice wear.  The Cheer Gear package will consist of a number of practice shirts and shorts. Returning cheerleaders may order pieces ad hoc BUT because the order will be placed prior to the start of practice parents should take in to account any possible growth spurts. Cheer gear will be worn on designated practice days throughout August and during competition practices.  Gear will be available for order at paperwork hand in.


No Exceptions!

The Medical Clearance form must be signed and stamped by your child's pediatrician. The Medical Clearance form must be dated after January 1, 2021. Please schedule an appt. with your child’s physician early to ensure the timeliness of this form. The Medical Clearance form must be handed in prior to the first practice in July. Cheerleaders missing this form will sit-out practice until it’s received.

Registration paperwork can be completed by logging into your account on: http://wallingfordvikings.com/site/

Every cheerleader (new and return) MUST upload a photo are required to complete the registration process.

Photos must be face on, from the shoulders up in clear lighting.

All athlete account information must be accurate, complete, and up to date including their school and contact information. Parents will print off all of the forms from their child’s account and present them at paperwork hand in night (dates tbd). Forms must be completely filled out and signed by a parent/guardian and the athlete where noted.

The following forms are required as per American Youth Cheerleading (AYC) Rules:

AYC Participation, Tracking and ID

Pages 1 and 2

Emergency Medical Consent & Information

AYC Cheer Medical Clearance

(stamped by pediatrician)

AYC Image Release – Minor

AYC Liability Waiver – Minor

AYF AYC MTBI Concussion

AYF AYC Code of Conduct

WYFC Attendance Policy

WYFC Code of Conduct

Final Report Card for the school year ending in June 2021

Birth Certificate:

  • New Cheerleaders:  Provide a raised seal birth certificate with a photocopy
  • Returning Cheerleaders: Provide the SYFC certified stamped copy containing the ‘SYFC 201X’ stamp

Competition Cheer Contract – Competition cheerleaders ONLY


Other Cheerleading Apparel

The following items are available online at www.omnicheer.com.  Items marked as required must be purchased and ready for wear by the first practice.  Purchase early to ensure availability and size.

Cheerleaders must have their cheer sneakers by the first practice in July and all remaining items must be in hand that same day. Competition Cheerleaders may want to consider the purchase an additional pair of cheer sneakers.


Item #



Chasse Ace II Shoe




Chasse Boy Cut Brief




Chasse Primary Backpack




Clear Rain Jacket With Hood




No-Show Ankle Socks




Fleece Cheer Jacket & Backpack Embroidery:  TBD

*** Refer to the sizing charts and reviews for each item to ensure proper size when ordering ***

For each practice: Cheerleaders will wear the designated practice outfits for each day of practice.  Absolutely NO Bobby-Pins or jewelry (including any type of earrings) will be allowed. Proper Cheer Sneakers must be worn at all times during practice and games. Cheerleaders not wearing cheer shoes will not stunt.

All cheerleaders must wear their hair tied up tightly in a high cheer bun or high tight braided ponytail for each practice and game.

Notice About Head Lice & COVID-19

Please begin preventative treatments to prevent the catching and spreading of head lice. Cheerleaders work very close to one another and head lice can be easily transmitted. It is the parent’s responsibility to check and treat their daughter for head lice. No cheerleader will be allowed to participate if they actively have head lice. Please avoid any embarrassing situations by checking your child for head lice.

Do not share pillows, combs, brushes, headbands, hats, beach towels or other items that could spread lice.

Personal hygiene and prevention best practice to avoid the spread of illness must be observed.

Wallingford Vikings Football and Cheerleading take all participants health and safety very seriously. The League will adhere to all COVID-19 rules and regulations that may be required.